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Остаточные должности особую должность stocklot товары конкурса лота этажа в продаже в Россию

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Restposten, Sonderposten, Fehlproduktionen, Stocklots, Stocklot, Nonmover, Überproduktionen, Konkurswaren und Restanten in großen Lots und hoher Menge von KUTEX aus Hamburg seit über 12 Jahren weltweit mit Großlager für Handel und Industrie im Restanten- und Restpostenmanagement.

Restposten, Stocklot, Restanten, Sonderposten, Konkursware, Stocklots, Fehlproduktionen, Lagerüberhänge und Überproduktionen im Großposten Außenhandel Handelshaus KUTEX .

Wir bitten Sie unsere Visitenkarte zum Restpostenhandel für Office Programme hier per Klick herunter zu laden.

Die Welt von Restposten, Sonderposten, Stocklot, Nonmovern und Konkurswaren bei KUTEX aus Hamburg

Das Restposten, Sonderposten, Stocklot, Stocklots, Nonmover und Konkurswaren Handelshaus im Norden.

Restposten - Sonderposten - Stocklot

Restanten - Nonmover - Stocklots


The world of trading in stocklot for the wholesale with KUTEX; Restposten, Sonderposten, Stocklot and Nonmover8@ B>@3>2;8 A KUTEX

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The commercial firm

KUTEX is originally a pure Hamburg import and export company which recorded his company before over 12 years now. The commercial firm KUTEX dealt at first, primarily, with trade
of textiles. On account of the big success changed KUTEX with the demand and extended its business segment. Many international business contacts and great results in worldwide trade from

Residual items Warehouse surpluses
Special positions Warehouse overhang
False productions Restposts from insolvency

if many different categories of goods brought in a house(home). KUTEX acts - shops and sells - from and to the wholesale trade were, only big plumb line, from the most different business areas:

Textiles(Dry goods) Chemist's shop Shoes
Electrical goods Healthcare Do-it-yourselfer's demand
Food Candy(Confectionery) MHD¹ endangers
Toys Cellulose² Sports goods

The great potential of KUTEX in worldwide trade is not exhausted yet. Trust, quickness and quality for a fair price in fair competition is our credo. We grow and our business partners with ourselves. The demand rises and we are present in the foremost line.

¹Least durability date
²toiletpaper, cloths, budgetary roles, handkerchiefs

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